A Catholic Education for Your Child

Why a Preschool - 8th Grade School?

Why a Preschool - 8th Grade School?

  • National studies show the advantages of PS-8 schools for students at all grade levels.
    The continuity of teachers, classmates, programs, and expectations enhances academic, social and emotional development for students leading to greater academic achievement and improved self-esteem and confidence. (Rand Study 2006 and National Middle School Association Study)
  • “Buddy programs” between grade levels have positive effects on both the younger and the older students.
    Working as a team on community service projects and creating a personal connection between an older and younger student provides a positive role model for younger children while encouraging empathy in the older students. Our older students and younger students are paired up as "Mass Buddies" each week. During this process, the older students act as a role model to the younger students and help them with various parts of the Mass. Each of our middle school houses also spiritually adopt a grade level.

  • Your child has many leadership and activity opportunities. 
    Our oldest students act as leaders for the entire student body. Our middle school students rise to the challenge and serve in leadership roles through our "Leader in Me" program. These students have the starring roles in school musicals and play on St. John the Baptist's highest-level athletic teams. The positive achievements of early adolescents are recognized as culminating events and traditions at St. John the Baptist Catholic School. 
    A change at high school is good. 

    Keeping students in a consistent and familiar educational environment through elementary and middle school years is ideal before allowing them a change of venue, new friends and new challenges for high school. Because St. John the Baptist Catholic School ends in eighth grade, all of our graduates leave together offering support to one another. At ninth grade, students are eager to experience new friendships and challenges that support their individual interests before college and are well prepared to make a smooth and confident transition into high school.

    The St. John the Baptist family lasts a lifetime. 
    Students experiencing St. John the Baptist throughout elementary and middle school years have values and friendships that will define and benefit them throughout their lives. At SJB we truly believe we are a family!