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Volunteer Opportunities

We have opportunities throughout the entire year:




Cafeteria - Volunteers assist the cafeteria staff with serving food and cleanup of the cafeteria and kitchen.  Substitutes are also needed for those last-minute emergencies.  Contact Melissa Brown at [email protected]

Clothes Closet - Volunteers for the Clothes Closet will assist throughout the year with collecting, sorting, and organizing of all donated uniform clothes.  Volunteers will also be assigned throughout the year to make sure the Clothes Closet is kept orderly and organized.  Contact Christy Schulz at [email protected]

Library - All classes go to the school library one day each week to check out books and for story time (grades K-5).  The school Librarian oversees the operation of the library. Volunteers assist during class library time by helping students to check out books, reading during story time and re-shelving books.  Volunteers are also needed at the other times to reshelve, catalog and tape books.  Contact Ann Masnado [email protected]

New Family Welcome - The New Family Welcome Committee provides information and support to families new to St. John School.  The Co-Chairs coordinate the mentor families and match them to the new SJS families.  The Co-Chairs are also responsible for updating the New Family PTSA Handbook.  Mentor families are needed to assist the Co-Chairs.  Contact Jaci Carlisle at [email protected]

Room Parents - The Chair will organize all information at the beginning of the year for each room parent.  The Room Parents help to coordinate the class parties throughout the year, as well as Teacher Appreciation Luncheons, and other events as directed by the classroom teacher.  A Head Room Parent is needed for each classroom and she/he coordinates the Assistant Room Parents in organizing room parties and special events. Contact Jackie Schneider at [email protected]

School Nurse - Volunteers assist the School Nurse with health screenings.  A medical background is not needed and volunteers with availability during school hours are needed.  Contact Cassie Schmitz at [email protected]

Walking Program - A fun opportunity to interact with students in a casual setting.  Volunteers arrive a few minutes before 6:45 a.m. to help set up and finish around 7:25 a.m.  Students walk from approximately 6:50 a.m. to approximately 7:15 a.m. and volunteers are welcome to walk along with the student during this time.  At the bell, students return their lap rings and write their tally on clipboards.  Volunteers stay until the last student has left the arena.  Walking takes place Monday through Friday mornings.  We welcome volunteers to sign up for a specific morning each week or to volunteer for "as needed" position.  We prefer at least two volunteers per morning. Contact Katie Whetstine at [email protected]

Yearbook - A Yearbook Committee oversees the preparation of the school yearbook.  The Chairperson organizes group pictures, collects pictures of the students, plans the yearbook layout and solicits sponsors. The volunteers assist in taking pictures at school events and during special classroom activities, assist in yearbook layout and in solicitation of sponsors.  Contact Katie Whetstine at [email protected]



The ROAR - The PTSA sponsors an evening consisting of a dinner, dance, and auction.  The committee is responsible for recruiting volunteers, planning the event and other aspects of the evening.  Volunteers assist the committee by soliciting for donations and gifts for the auction, set-up and decorating, and assisting the night of the "ROAR."  Contact either Ashley Neihaus at [email protected] or Jennie Schmitt [email protected], Christin Eberhard [email protected], Emily Reidford [email protected]

Tiger Retail Rewards - The Tiger Retail Rewards Committee oversees all of the fundraising contributions made by parents and friends of SJS just by going shopping.  This includes Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, on-line shopping and store cards.  One Co-Chair is responsible for researching and promoting local retailers to SJS families that participate in give-back programs.  A second Co-Chair will be responsible for collecting and submitting any collected labels, caps, etc. and submitting them to the companies for redemption.  Contact Jenny Keller [email protected] 

SCRIP Sales - Through SCRIP sales, each family earns back a percentage to use toward their tuition. Having all parents that use this program to volunteer is very important to keep the program going.  Contact Karen Thompson [email protected] 


Grandparent's Day - Each Fall, the students' grandparents are invited for a special program.  The Co-Chairs plan the day's activities with the principal and organizes the volunteers.  The volunteers assist with decorating, setting up the food the day of the event, and cleaning up following the event (around 2:00 p.m.)  Contact Kristi Kain [email protected]

Santa Shop - The Santa Shop, held in early December, provides students an opportunity to purchase inexpensive Christmas gifts for their family and friends without Mom and Dad "interfering."  The Chairperson oversees the selection of a vendor and items to be sold.  Volunteers assist with setting up the shop, helping students select gifts, collecting money and gift-wrapping the presents for the students.  Contact Katie Kelle at  [email protected]

Scholastic Book Fairs - The PTSA sponsors two Book Fairs at which students may purchase books, with the school also getting book credit and money based upon the amount of books purchased by the students.  The Fall Book Fair is scheduled during Parent-Teacher conferences, and the Spring Half-Price Book Fair is scheduled around the Fine Arts Fair.  The Chairperson oversees the selection and selling of books, including working with the vendor.  The volunteers staff the Book Fair during open hours, assist students with selecting books and collecting money.  Contact Ann Masnado [email protected] 

Spring Carnival - The PTSA sponsors a "Student Fun Day" the last day of the school year, with snacks and games with prizes.  This is not targeted as a major fundraiser, rather, it is simply an afternoon of fun for the students.  The Chairperson arranges for volunteers, games, and prizes.  The volunteers help wherever needed by the Chairperson, including set-up, working in the game and snack booths, and clean up after the event.  Contact Dee Bouseman  [email protected]