A Catholic Education for Your Child

St. John the Baptist Catholic Preschool Philosophy



St. John the Baptist Catholic Preschool is a Christian learning center for young children.  The classrooms are planned to encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving in an atmosphere of warmth, affection and respect for the individual child.

Teachers plan experiences based on a monthly curriculum guide.  Children are involved in activities which include foundations of math, science, social studies, creative art, language arts, music, movement and dramatic play.  All interrelated aspects of the child's growth and development are considered...


SPIRITUAL:            Helping children know that they are a blessing from God - that God loves them.

INTELLECTUAL:     Providing "hands-on," age-appropriate activities that stimulate each child.

EMOTIONAL:          Helping children develop a positive self-concept.

SOCIAL:                  Guiding children in positive ways of interacting with others.  Helping children learn the
                              importance of friendship, respect, and working well with others.

INDEPENDENCE:   Teaching self-sufficiency such as putting on coats, snapping, zipping and tying shoes -
                              all the skills necessary as they grow.

PHYSICAL:              Providing activities that help children develop large and small motor coordination.


We thank you for placing your most precious gift in our care!

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