A Catholic Education for Your Child

St. John the Baptist Catholic Preschool Philosophy



SPIRITUAL- Helping children know they are a blessing from God – that God loves them.

INTELLECTUAL- Providing “hands-on”, age-appropriate activities that stimulate each child.

EMOTIONAL- Helping children develop a positive self-concept, and also how to deal with various feelings.

SOCIAL- Guiding children in positive ways of interacting with others. Helping children learn the importance of friendship, respect, and working well with others.

INDEPENDENCE- Teaching self-sufficiency such as putting on coats, snapping, zipping, and other independent activities..all the skills necessary as they grow.

PHYSICAL- Providing activities that help children develop fine and gross motor skills.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Preschool implements the Big Day for pre-k curriculum.  It is a program organized around “Big Experiences” that engage children and integrate social-emotional, academic, and physical development.  Weekly and daily lessons build on a social-emotional and knowledge focus that helps children learn about themselves and their world as they move toward kindergarten readiness.


Extended Enrichment: Extended enrichment enables children to attend St. John the Baptist Catholic Preschool for the full day. This is a great option for full-time working families. When your child is not attending their assigned preschool or pre-k class, he or she will be with the extended enrichment students and faculty. Those students who attend an AM class with extended enrichment will be required to take an afternoon nap/rest time. 

Preschool/Pre-K Classes: Our preschool and pre-k classes are half-day programs. Our preschool options are only in the AM and our pre-k program has both an AM and a PM option.

We thank you for placing your most precious gift in our care!

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