Support for St. John the Baptist Catholic School


St. John School is a part of the teaching mission of St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish of Newburgh, Indiana.

Since 1940, St. John the Baptist Catholic School has served area and Parish families, in educating and passing on the Catholic Faith to their children. 

Your gift in any amount is an investment in the future of our students and enables us to offer the curriculum, support services, and programs that help our students reach their potential. While our parents often make financial sacrifices for their children to attend St. John the Baptist School, tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating a student.  Our parishioners, through their financial offering at Sunday Masses, make up the difference, and have done so for seventy-five years.

St. John School is part of the mission of St. John the Baptist Parish, and all charitable gifts are fully tax deductible within the donor’s income tax status.

You may donate online, if you prefer, by clicking HERE.  You will be directed to the St. John the Baptist Parish website.

Donations may be made to St. John School in many forms, including one-time gifts, or automatic monthly recurring gifts.  Donations may be directed by contacting Paul Keller at our Office or calling 812-490-1000 for more information.  Our Tuition Assistance Program may be reached HERE.

In addition, gifts may be made to the Institute for Quality Education (I4QED; formerly the Educational CHOICE Charitable Trust), our partner Scholarship Granting Organization.  Donations to IQE are eligible for a 50% Indiana State Tax CREDIT and are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Please send gifts (checks payable to St. John the Baptist Catholic School) to:

Business Office
St. John the Baptist Catholic School
725 Frame Road
Newburgh, IN 47630